How to Choose the Best Pack and Play [Ultimate Guide]

If you are a woman expecting a baby, then buying a pack and play is a must on your baby shopping list. Every baby needs a playard and it helps solve different purposes. For one, it ensures the safety of your baby while he plays or naps and two, you can be sure that your baby would love to spend time on the playard.


Its comfortable inside and some even have in built toys that your kid can play with, as long as he wants. Some of the playards are portable as well, which means that you can carry them around with you just as you need. There are many models of pack and play available in the market.

We are going to show you how to choose the best pack and play for your baby. The following considerations should be on your list:

Bassinet and Changing Table Attachment

The bassinet is a sleeping platform provided for the baby. It is generally attached at the upper parts of the play yard structure so that you do not have to bend low to reach for your baby. Some higher models offer twin bassinets which is perfect if you have twins.

The maximum permissible weight of the bassinet is an important factor to check out. Manufacturers usually put this weight to 15 pounds. Once your baby passes this mark, you can remove the bassinet. It will give more room for the baby to play and nap.

The changing table is another useful feature of a play yard. Like the bassinet, it also attached with the top frame of the pack and play. This can be removed easily when you are not using it. You should not use it after your baby reaches the permissible weight of 15 to 25 pounds, becomes 4 month old or grows to 25 inches in height.


Pack and plays are made to be portable and lightweight. Still, the level of portability differs between the different models. Deluxe play yards come with additional fittings and can take more space. Basic models on the other hand are more compact and lightweight and can be put in closets or car trunks.

Most play yards can be assembled and disassembled quite easily. This feature also determines the portability degree of the play yard. The models are mostly per-assembled and do not require much work to set up. You just need to unpack it and lay down the mattress.

Mesh Sides

The sidings of a play yard are made using variety of materials. You should opt for mesh sides because it provides maximum ventilation for your baby. The material is semi-transparent enabling you to keep a watch on your child inside the play yard.

The sidings are closely knit with holes of just .25 inches. It prevents the baby’s toes or fingers from getting trapped in them. Mesh sides are also very easy to clean.

Canopy and Entertainment

You should go for a pack and play with canopy if you plan to use it outdoors. This important feature provides a shade for your baby from sunlight and heat. This shade can also come useful indoors to help your baby sleep in bright lights. The deluxe play yards offer additional toys attached with the canopy for your baby your play with.

Pack and plays should offer toys and entertainment so that your kid has a fun time. Basic ones have hanging colorful toys for the baby to play with. Deluxe play yards offer extensive entertainment options in form of lights, digital music players and electronic massage pads for the comfort of the baby.

Storage Options

Pack and plays are meant to use on the go, and should provide enough storage space to keep essential items. The basic models have side pockets sewn into the play yard for storing items.

Deluxe play yards offer attached storage compartments you can simply put on and remove. Make sure the storage space is outside your child’s reach.


Choosing the perfect play yard is essential for your baby’s comfort and care. Go through the guide and base your decision on your requirements and preferences.

We have discussed everything that you need to know to buy the best Pack and Play for your baby. It will certainly help you to make up your mind and zero in on your target!