Graco Pack ‘n Play On The Go Playard, Little Hoot Review

What do you need in a good playard? A Playard helps your children be safe and enjoy themselves. Tiny tots can play with their toys or just doze of within the Playard.

You dont have to worry about them going all about the house, and you can easily look after them anytime. And when youre on travel, you can use it to keep your child safe.

Graco Pack n Play On The Go Playard is just right for you to take care of your child when youre on travel. If you have to go camping or outdoors for some night, and need your toddler to stay secure and safe, youll love one of these.

Features of Graco Pack n Play On The Go Playard, Little Hoot

As a parent, it’s only natural that you’d opt for a product that ensures your baby is comfortable no matter where you go. This provides challenges, from time to time, but Graco would like to make this possible.

Graco Packn Play on the go Playard is never a wrong choice! Here’s why you will love using this product.

Folding feet and wheels

You may have seen different kinds of packn play products, and also travelling cribs, but do they have folding feet and wheels like Graco Pack n’ Play? This feature allows for a more compact fold, saving space when you are travelling.

Interestingly, it goes as far as 20% more compact than other products. Unlike some travelling cribs that aren’t equipped with wheels, Graco Packn Play allows you to push around the playard.

Specially-designed bassinet

When travelling, it’s always better to have practical playard rather than the ones that take time to be set up and taken down. Like us, adults, children and babies also need a cozy, familiar place, to rest. The bassinet is in a sense that comfy place, where babies can rest wherever they are; whether at home or somewhere new.

The bassinet is designed for the right height and doesn’t allow children to climb out so no worries! On top of it, the bassinet is removable and full-size, ensuring your dear ones can take comfortable naps.

Toy bar to amuse your children

Bored and whiny babies certainly give nightmares for parents. However, you’re probably busy as well, so how can you keep your children entertained without having to play with them all the time?

Again, Graco knows how. This Pack n Play Playard is also equipped with soft toys, which are very safe for children, to make sure they aren’t bored. No more crying babies, no more worried parents!

One push is all it takes

Graco’s signature innovation is no other than the famous Graco push-button fold, allowing traveling parents set up and take down the playard whenever and wherever they are. One push-button also means less part to carry and less hassle to deal with.

The push-button allows parents to break down the playard in mere seconds, without unnecessary sweat. On top of it, Graco is known for their durable products, and airy mesh that allows maximum ventilation for your children.

It costs low

Parents around the globe are in general reluctant when they have to spend a lot for baby products. Many left unused and is no longer useful, especially when they have no other children in the future. However, Graco Packn Play Playard is significantly cheaper than other packn play products by different companies.

You can always choose the color you prefer out of 9 color options. It also comes with a carry bag for your convenience.

  • Pros:

    So, where does this product score? Here is a look at some of the features you will absolutely love with this Playard.
    ·The fact that it is affordable means that you can buy it without thinking about the green paper
    ·The choice is practical, and it only take one push to assemble
    ·You would be looking for something that is secure for your child and thus playard is very sturdy
    ·Light and comfortable means that your child would love using it.
  • Cons :

    While the Playard does offer promises, you would have wanted the creators to take care of these things too.
    · There is a thin bottom base pad which doesnt really take care of the comfort of the toddler
    · The mattress is not washable and this can be a major problem on the long term
    · Chemical odor won’t go away which can mean that your child may not really love it inside there.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about the product.

Q. Is it comfortable to sleep in?

A. Absolutely. Although it’s an on-the-go playard, it’s as comfortable as regular cribs.

Q. Does it accommodate older children?

A. Yes, children over 2 years old can still fit inside, depends on their height and weight.

Q. Is it heavy?

A. It weighs 22.9 pounds, and isnt that heavy but does have a good weight.

Final Verdict

This is one of the better Playard for your child. The dimensions ensure that your child can play easily within it and while the weight is a tad bit on the higher side, you can take it if you go camping with your child. For a traveler playard, we would have expected it to weight a bit less.

However, if you’re looking for a traveling playard for once-in-a-while travels, this product is definitely for you. It costs less, very practical, and hassle-free. It’s also very sturdy, and the most important thing, it’s very comfortable for your loved ones. Grab yours today!

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