Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit Zip is the good fitness tracker which is designed specifically in a manner for those who do not admire fitness wristband. Fitbit Zip is wearable in clothes, clip and pocket and it is quite economical fitness tracker. There are people who have perception that less expensive items means compromise on quality and in features. As far as comparison is concerned then of course there would be some advantages and disadvantages of Fitbit Zip over other Fitbit Trackers.

If you are looking for basic tracker then Fitbit Zip is right choice for you. This is the entry level tracker and there is no compromise on its features as well. Zip lacks few features like sleep tracking, a lit-up screen, tracking of floors climb and vibrated alarm. It is easy to use and no tracker you can compare it with as Fitbit Zip has its own specialty. Fitbit deals in several features and Zip has also made mark in the world of wearable technology.

FitBit Zip Features:


Fitbit Zip is lightweight and sleek in look and it can be slipped inside or you can clip it in your dress or pocket or anything else. You can wear it in multiple manners or you can use it in your waistband like a pedometer. Its screen is wide enough that you can read without putting stress to your eyes. The different availability of colors will make you feel proud and the collection of trendy colors will suit your different mood. The vivacious colors like lime green, black, white, blue and pink will make you more appealing. The Fitbit Zip is specialized in three basic things like steps taken, distance covered and how much calories you have burned while Zip does not track the hours you have slept and floors climbed. Zip has to replace its battery for every 3 or 6 months gap as you do not need to charge the Zip.

Performance and connectivity

Fitbit Zip is miraculously wonderful to offer you all good things for your usability. Syncing is so easy with Zip and that is also wirelessly with your smartphones or iOS to see the data or you can check the status via Fitbit account. If you do not have smartphone then in that case you have seen the wireless dongle which you can use on your computer or laptop. This app is useful in tracking the different activities like calories you have intake by making entry of your foods intake of particular time if you feed a weight loss goal the app will automatically monitor by calculating the how many calories you can still intake to target the level you have set for yourself. This is the best feature for those who are determined to lose their weight with the help of Fitbit tracker.

Its operation is easy as there is no buttons to operate the device instead you have to tap the device with your fingers. Yes it is bit new to use but with time we will become friendly with the idea of tapping.


Fitbit Zip has a default goal of 10000 steps in a day, 30 active min and 5 miles in a day so you can go with this default goal. It is upto you whether you will set your new goals or whether you will go with default goal. This goal will literally motivate you to workouts so Fitbit has decided to set default goals for beginners or for the long time user they will naturally set their own goals to target

Battery Power

Fitbit Zip battery power is unmatched as you do not need to charge it. It can sustain 4 to 6 months and after that directly you need to replace battery. If you are using it 24/7 then it can survive to that level. I think it is no way bad option as there will be no irritation of charging system.


It gives accurate feedback about your activities. Fitbit Zip is so powerful that it claims the accurate cycling or jogging or walking session without errors. It is best in delivering you the accurate feedback about you so that you will be encouraged to workouts more.

Why Fitbit Zip is Motivational?

Other Fitbit Devices are also good in handling the user’s motivation but Fitbit Zip is also wonderful in motivating you to become more vivacious. In this device, you will get smiley according to your activation or participation. It is virtuous in giving push to accomplish your rest of the goals. If you want to be competitive with your friends then share your activities with them and check their status as well via app or Fitbit account. This development is sufficient to make you prompt to achieve your goal. Another mode of motivation in Fitbit Zip is that you can get the badge when you reach the level of fitness milestone and that id for accomplishing the 50 lifetime miles.

It is also noticeable that there is no light or words indication on the screen even it’s selling is touching the new height and level via discounts and Fitbit coupon deals.


  • It is not very expensive though offers all the beneficial and usable features.
  • It is tiny, lightweight and easy to wear anywhere like in your waist or tucked somewhere in costumes.
  • It supports iPhone and Android apps for checking the graph of progress.
  • Its design and performance is so good that you will not complain against it.
  • Available in all trendy and different colors to match your different mood.
  • It has ability of water resistant which can be very environment friendly even on rain or sweat weather.


  • It cannot track the sleep tracking, a lit-up screen, tracking of floors climb and awaking alarm with vibration.


Fitbit Zip deals in all fairly and usable features which will boost you time to time in losing some weight and do not go by my words only as buy it now for relating my terms with your usability and good feedback. If you want to make your fitness more fun by burning the calorie at competition level. It will track your most of the activities like steps, distance and calories burned. It is handy and portable design and easy to wear it makes it more favorite among people. You can wear it by attaching it to your costumes or accessories.