Best Pack and Play For Travel – Guide and Reviews

Travel cribs provide the parents with peace of mind. These are created keeping in mind the fact that parents can take it everywhere – whether for a playgroup, dinner at a friend’s place, at the airport – literally anyplace. These are lightweight, portable easy to carry and move around with. The cribs come with graphics as well as logos and fabrics, which are soft textured.

Plus, you can use them in your home too. They are pretty safe for your baby, and your toddler can have hours of fun in it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to your friend’s home or catching the next flight, these travel cribs are easy to carry and easy to set up. Add in the fact that many of them are machine washable and can be used by your kids till they are two years old, and you know that you need one. You can also be at your peace of mind and carry on with your daily chores once you place your toddler inside the crib.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Pack and Play

Before buying a Playard, there are some things to consider which are of prime importance.

Portability and convenience

The main reason to get a played is so that the parents can be more mobile. So these should be easy to carry around. They should either come with straps or with a bag. Especially they should be able to fit into all size of luggage or even be able to be carried as carry-on luggage. Some are fitted with bassinets, so there are fewer things to carry.

The parts of the playard should be removable and machine washable as well so that it is easier to clean up the mess which all children make.


The fabric and materials used should not trigger off any kind of allergies, it should be safe for the baby to chew as well as to sleep on. There should be no flame retardants or PVC or lead used which could harm the baby.

The playard should allow for good ventilation for the child as well as a means by which the parent can keep checking on the child.


The build of the playard should be sturdy, and it should not wobble. There should be no danger of it falling or collapsing on the child.

Multiple uses

Some of the playards double up as baby bouncers which help to soothe the baby. There are some that offer different speed of vibration when the child sits in the infant seat or bounces on it. This helps to soothe the baby.

Others double up as a changing station, and the parent need not go hunting around for a changing station to change the baby’s diaper. Some even have attachments to store the wipes, a change of clothes as well as diapers.

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

This portable baby playard ensures that you can go with your baby anywhere, anytime. You do not have to worry about your baby’s needs, as the playard can be taken with you eve on vacations, ensuring that your baby has endless amount of fun, no matter where you are.

Baby friendly features

It is set up with clear view mesh which allows airflow as well even when zipped up; the parent can get an unobstructed view of the child. The mesh sides reach right down to the mattress, so the environment created is safe and breathable.

The babies love to go in and out of the travel crib and at the same time, if the baby is asleep or if the parent needs to do some chores and keep the baby out of danger, then the side door can be zipped and secured.

Ease of carrying

This playard is easy to set up and literally takes just 15 seconds. It is easily portable and can be carried in the backpack. When travelling, it even fits as a carryon. Therefore, parents will be able to get more time to spend with their family and friends, and as it can be made into a backpack, the hands are free for carrying the baby and diaper bags.


The advantages of this are that it is Greenguard Gold certified. It does not contain flame retardants, PVC, Phthalates or Lead. It is certified under 16 CFR 1221 and ASTM F406-13.

The crib package comes with not only the crib, mattress but a bag as well, which can be converted into a backpack.

Graco Pack N Play On The Go Playard, Little Hoot

The play yard consists of a combination of imported plastic, metal, and fabric. It is fitted with a removable bassinet that folds with the playard and can easily by set up or taken down.

The playard is 20% more compact than the other playards which are available as it has folding feet and wheels. It is also fitted with a toy bar with three soft toys to keep the baby entertained.

Physical features

The frame is durable and hardy. It weighs 23 pounds, and it dimensions are 40 x 28.5 x 29 inches. It can hold a maximum of 33.1 pounds and a height of 35 inches. It is a certified frustration free product.

Ease of use

To break it down quickly, pack up and cart around, there is a push button fold which is present. As it comes with a bassinet, which folds with the playard, there are fewer things to cart around.

It also comes with a carrying bag which you can use to take along wherever you want.

Baby friendly features

The bassinet is roomy and full sized, so the baby is comfortable when he or she naps.

There is also airy mesh on all sides and due to the maximum ventilation possible, the child is kept comfortable at all times.

Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard

This allows for an inclined sleeper and it works as a changing station as well as a play yard. It only weighs 15 pounds and the inclined sleeper is removable. The pad and the head support are machine washable.

As it can double up as a changing station, there is a diaper clutch along with a built-in container for wipes. This is easy to assemble and to fold as well.


It works as an inclined sleeper as it is fitted with a supportive seat back as well as a head support which is cushioned. So the baby can sleep in it, nap or even play as it has a large play space which is padded. It can also be used as a diaper changer in spite of it weighing half of what the other players normally weigh.

Other features

The play yard comes with a travel hand bag which can be slung over the shoulders and therefore one can take it anywhere. It comes in gender neutral colors. There aren’t some pieces which need to be assembled and disassembled.

Baby friendly features

This is a boon especially for babies that are diagnosed with Refulx and are unable to sleep through the night.

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

This offering from Babyjorn is one that you would love, especially if you are looking for a travel crib that you can take with you all the time. This travel crib doesn’t just feature almost everything you would want from a standard playard, it in fact offers a bit more.

The travel crib ensures that your baby can have endless hours of fun no matter where you are, and setting up the travel crib is really easy. Here is a look at some of the other features.


It is easy to carry along as it is only 13 pounds. It is easy to store, carry as well as to stow in any kind of baggage space.

Easy of use

The setting up and folding up is simple and easy, and there are no loose parts to be attached as well. The legs automatically unfold.

It is easy to clean as the mattress cover, and the fabric of the crib can be removed and machine washed.

Baby friendly features

The mattress is both soft as well as comfortable, and t has a base plate which does not allow it to wobble and keeps it firm on the ground.

The sides have airy mesh which allows the baby to breathe through.

Sturdy and safety

It is stable in construction and has a rigid base which is built in. The hook and loop attachments keep the soft mattress firm and in place. The side panels are made of open mesh which helps you to keep an eye on the baby.

When not travelling, the travel crib can be used as an extra crib at home.

The fabrics are tested as per the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 for baby products. The fabrics are safe for the baby not only to sleep on but to chew on as well.

Graco Pack N Play Playard Snuggle Suite

This is a portable playard fitted with an infant soothing seat. The infant seat also works as a bouncer for babies weighing up to 18 pounds. This allows the parent more flexibility to move around.

There is a two speed vibration which can be used to soothe the baby when it is resting in the seat or in the bouncer.

It can also be used as a changing station for a baby up to 30 pounds for easy diaper changes, and there is a built in storage organizer. This can store all the essentials for the baby like the wipes, change of clothes, diapers and all that is needed.

Physical features

The Item weighs 34.5 pounds and requires 3 AA batteries. It consists of a portable infant soothing seat where you can be connected with the baby anywhere. This soothing seat is removable and can be used either separately or in the playard.

Baby friendly features

A baby of max 30 pounds weight and 35 inches height is recommended to use the product.

It features different music and nature sounds and due to the look light, you can check on the baby without disturbing the sleep.

This adapts to the growing baby and can suit the needs of newborn babies till they are toddlers.

It has an infant bassinet which is removable as the baby grows. The pack and play have a push button fold this helps to close the playard quickly and without hassles.

Final Verdict

You have a number of options available when it comes to choosing a playard. However, do not forget to look what works and doesn’t for each, and whether the features that you need are actually there. Some of the important things that you need to take a look at are the portability of the playard and the toys available for the kids to play with. Also, you may not want a playard that has batteries, as you would have to change them constantly. Go in for one that requires less maintenance.

Remember, not all kids can love a playard at first. If your kid does not want to stay in the playard at first, do not force him. This way, he would develop an aversion to it. Instead, relate the playard with fun times, and make the kid slowly love it. Every kid can spend hours in a playard, and ensure that you ca finish all your other work easily, on time.