Best Pack and Play For Travel – Guide and Reviews

Travel cribs provide the parents with peace of mind. These are created keeping in mind the fact that parents can take it everywhere – whether for a playgroup, dinner at a friend’s place, at the airport – literally anyplace. These are lightweight, portable easy to carry and move around with. The cribs come with graphics as well as logos and fabrics, which are soft textured.

Plus, you can use them in your home too. They are pretty safe for your baby, and your toddler can have hours of fun in it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to your friend’s home or catching the next flight, these travel cribs are easy to carry and easy to set up. Add in the fact that many of them are machine washable and can be used by your kids till they are two years old, and you know that you need one. You can also be at your peace of mind and carry on with your daily chores once you place your toddler inside the crib.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Pack and Play

Before buying a Playard, there are some things to consider which are of prime importance.

Portability and convenience

The main reason to get a played is so that the parents can be more mobile. So these should be easy to carry around. They should either come with straps or with a bag. Especially they should be able to fit into all size of luggage or even be able to be carried as carry-on luggage. Some are fitted with bassinets, so there are fewer things to carry.

The parts of the playard should be removable and machine washable as well so that it is easier to clean up the mess which all children make.


The fabric and materials used should not trigger off any kind of allergies, it should be safe for the baby to chew as well as to sleep on. There should be no flame retardants or PVC or lead used which could harm the baby.

The playard should allow for good ventilation for the child as well as a means by which the parent can keep checking on the child.


The build of the playard should be sturdy, and it should not wobble. There should be no danger of it falling or collapsing on the child.

Multiple uses

Some of the playards double up as baby bouncers which help to soothe the baby. There are some that offer different speed of vibration when the child sits in the infant seat or bounces on it. This helps to soothe the baby.

Others double up as a changing station, and the parent need not go hunting around for a changing station to change the baby’s diaper. Some even have attachments to store the wipes, a change of clothes as well as diapers.