Best Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

The Fitness Bands are available in market and encouraging the wearable technology among the people. When it comes to the fitness tracker you cannot forget the brand called Fitbit. It’s all the past devices like Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge came into existence last year. Now Fitbit has come with its new invention that is smartwatch or its latest tracker named Fitbit Blaze. This smartwatch is flexible and its band can be changed as per your mood and use. The different bands are available in trendy and awesome colors.

Features of Fitbit Blaze:

The Fitbit blaze has all thought provoking features and at the same time it is stylist, proficient and elegant in look and structure. Check some of the splendid features which will says lot about its versatility and motivates you to buy this Fitbit blaze smartwatches.

1. Features of Pure Pulse Heart Rate

Fitbit blaze permits you to monition your workouts with tracking your continuous heart rate. You need not to be uncomfortable as you can check your heart rate in your wrist. It means there will be no chest strap or any clip to hold your fitness tracker. If you have balanced heart rate then it means you are fit and optimize your health. You can get instant heart rate readings of whole day. It can cope with your stress level also

2. Features of GPS

Fitbit Blaze has come with also GPS feature so you can connect it to your smartphone or iPhone to track the route map. Through this feature you will be notified with the running and walking status which you can check on the display.

3. Features of Work-Out target summaries

Your workout session will have the summary of the status on screen and you will get the information of daily progress on weekly basis through the target you set for yourself. Blaze will automatically feed your exercises for you and it will show the record of your workouts like biking, running, cardio and other daily activities even.

4. Features of Battery Life

You can wear it this Fitbit blaze full day and full night for 5 days without charging it whether you are using it more than general. Blaze is blessed with good backup and you can charge after 5 days for make it again eligible for the next 5 days use.

5. Features of Accessory Bands

If you are the owner of more than one accessory band, you can change it as per the occasion and mood on the frame. You will enjoy the fact that you can be surrounded with different bands for your smartwatch… It is easier to apply different bands on the frame so switch to it without worry.

6. Features of Music control

You can control the volume of music and songs. Apart from this you will have fun with play, pause and other activities related to music from your iPhones and smartphones with only a very operational tap.

7. Features of Silent Alarm

People indeed get irritated when they wake up with disturbing sound of alarm. But with the Blaze you can have the fun of silent vibration on your wrist to wake you up in the morning. This feature will not disturb your partner even. That alarm you can set in the Fitbit App.

8. Feature of Auto Sleep Tracking

Fitbit Blaze will inform you about the quality sleep and restless sleep. It means it can track the difference between the restless sleep and quality sleep so it will help you to build the habit of sleeping for your good health and betterment.

9. Feature of FitStar Workout

The FitStar workout will inform you about the instruction of every step. You can get the record on your wrist. It maintains intensity and make you workout even better. You can compare the calories in and calories out through setting weight goals.

10. Feature of Alerts

You will get the notification of even calendar, texts and the call with this Fitbit Blaze. It is all the way helpful in building your activeness and make you prompt for your other work also by helping you numerous way. So you will not ever be late for meeting also.

You can gift it to your grand mom and grand dad and have eye on automatic heart rate tracking and that is just on your wrist.

Why go for Fitbit Blaze?

Fitbit Blaze is not featured only with heart rate technology but also good in monitoring calorie burn in better manner. It helps you to maintain your body calories and how in daily activities you have burnt your calories by doing activities like spin, running, walking, elliptical and more efforts you have put on. It is the good source of reviewing exercise summaries and the other convenience like sleep tracking, silent alarm, LED, GPS and other features are incredible and superb in dealing.

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