Best Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Alta Features:

It has various things to offer, do check more details as its features so you will have more relation with this superlative fitness tracker which is impressive wearable for your wrist.

Smart Track

Fitbit Alta is amazing in discovering your selected activities. Your daily exercise will be recorded in the exercise section in Fitbit app. Suppose, you have selected your daily steps in your exercise section then it will be automatically recorded. This recording you can check that how much steps you have taken on particular day.

Whole activities

Fitbit Alta is incredible in tracking almost all activities such as steps you have taken, distance covered by you, calories burned and other activities as well in the active minutes. You have not to compromise with its accurate result. Fitbit Alta will not only track your healthy sleep but also restless sleep. It can discriminate better the way you sleep and how much you have slept or you are only wasting time in moving your body due to uneasiness.

Silent Alarm

This alarm is unlike other usual alarm which does not make you wake up with irritating sound. Fitbit Alta comes with silent alarm and you will have great experience with it because it will wake you up with vibration. The soothing vibration of the alarm will not trouble your partner or your children.


You can check the call and email notifications also through this wonderful device. There is also calendar alerts on display to remind you the important day you have saved earlier.

Battery Power

Fitbit is best in performance when it comes to have the battery backup. The same goes with its latest device Fitbit Alta, which can survive up to 5 days with one charging. It will turn out to be best in competition in this area.

Water Resistant

This device is sweat proof, rainproof and splash proof. If you are in watery area you need not think of taking off your Fitbit Alta. Every time you can wear this band.

Sync Wirelessly

Fitbit Alta supports different Androids, Windows and iOS devices. So you can check your stats on your phone or in your desktop, tablets and in your laptop. Go wireless with fitness.

Reminders to do more activities

It is so phenomenal that your tracker is reminding you to accomplish your goals. Suppose, your day is going to end and you have not still finish with 250 steps yet. This reminder is for your encouragement to do more steps or other activities as per your preferences.

Accessory Bands

If you want more variety in your look with Fitbit Alta then you can go for metal, leather and other multi colored bands available. It will give more opportunity to styling yourself with different colors of bands with Fitbit Alta. From personal to professional use, the availability of wide range of bands will move you immensely.


Fitbit Alta is sleeker band and lightweight wristband also. This band is stunning in look and it adds more style in your personality with its appealing gesture. The attractive colors availability and display is quite visible as it is having OLED display. It can fit in different sizes wrist hands as it has more than 10 enclosures. So the band is quite adjustable on different wrists, whether it is male or female’s hand. The black display with the white digital numbering makes the device more visible on the dim light even.


Fitbit Alta is perfect for those who are more into working out to burn the calories for staying fit. This device will not avail you GPS and heart rate monitor. It is good in monitoring aerobics workouts, cardio kickboxing, running, biking and sports activities also such as basket ball, football and tennis.

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