Best Delta Children Playard Review

Looking for a playard that can do the job for you easily? While you’d be spoilt with choices of different playards, you will love to have one that can stimulate the child’s creativity.

This offering from Delta does a good job at that. Plus, it has a lot of space for your child to play in, so that he can enjoy his time in the playard.

The Delta Children 36 x 36 Playard allows a child to play any time of the day and at any place he is! This play yard is beautifully designed and offers loads of space to the little one to play in.

Features of Delta Children 36 x 36 Playard

Here is a look at some of the great things you will love about this playard from Delta.

Beautiful graphic art

This unique playard boasts of light, colorful and attractive artwork on all its sides. This artwork appeals to babies, soothes their eyes and keeps them engaged when playing inside the playard.

Moreover, the transparent mesh on which this artwork is designed is very soft on the child’s skin and also allows the parents to keep a check on the child at all times and offers a clear view.

Good-quality mattress pad

The mattress pad used on the playard is extremely comfortable and made from good-quality materials ensuring that your child feels relaxed whether he is napping or playing in his playard.

The mattress itself also boasts of colorful and beautiful artwork making the child feel happy in his own space. The frame of the playard comes with exposed metal edges on all four corners.

Travel-friendly and great for small children

This playard is ideal for children who cannot climb out of it and are less than 30 pounds in weight and up to 35 inches tall. Moreover, the product has been designed in a manner that it can be quickly folded up and stored in a cabinet when not in use.

It comes in an easy-to-carry travel bag allowing the parents to carry it wherever they go.

Spacious and safe

This playard review is extremely safe as the child within the recommended height just cannot climb out of the playard by himself. This ensures that the child is restricted to a certain area especially if his parents are busy with some other work keeping him safe and away from harm.

Being extremely spacious, the child does not feel trapped as he can freely move about in the playard.

Other specifications

This product from Delta meets or exceeds all the CPSC and ASTM Standards along with all JPMA Certifications making it absolutely safe and sound for children to play in. The product weighs around 28 pounds making it easy to carry from one place to another within the house. The product can be easily assembled following the instructions given for the same.


    · Colorful artwork on sides
    · Spacious and comfortable for the baby
    · Easy to store and carry
    · Travel friendly so that you can carry it around with you easily
    · Comfortable mattress pad


    · Ideal for small children only
    · No added toys or cubbies present

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can the bottom cover where the child sits and lies down, be washed from time to time?

A. No, the mat is an all in one mat & base which cannot be taken out and washed.

Q. I feel that the playard looks a little small from the inside. What are the dimensions on the inside?

A. The inside pad is 36 x 36 which is ample space for a little one to move around.

Final Verdict

The fact that you can carry this playard around with you easily, is one of the best things. Your baby would love to be in the playard given how spacious it is and you would love the fact the colourful artwork on the sides of the playard. However, you cannot wash the bottom cover of the playard and while that would not be a major concern considering that you woudlnt need to wash it anyway, but there might just be a need sometime. So, not that good a thing.

That being said, this playard is one of the most popular playards in recent times as it offers full value for money and allows your child to both nap and play in a secure and safe area for hours without you having to worry about him time and again.

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